Collared Income Performance Evaluation

The most obvious method to evaluate investment progress is to track your account value over time.  If the account value is rising, then you’re making money.  If the account value is heading lower, then you’re losing money.  This seems pretty straight forward, but it’s not always that simple.  Sometimes it depends on what points in time you choose to track.  Does it make sense to track daily, weekly, or maybe monthly?  The answer depends on the strategy you’re using to invest. 

More complex strategies require additional thought to evaluate.  This is the case for our Collared Income strategy. (more…)

Collared Income

Most investors wish to earn above average investment returns.

Most investors take on way too much risk.

Most investors face the very real possibility of catastrophic losses.

The Solution:

Inspire Capital’s “Collared Income” strategy. We have designed an investment strategy to greatly limit risk in any market environment while maintaining the potential for consistent, above average returns. We actively manage this strategy for select clients. (more…)