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Do you know how to insure your investment portfolio against losses? We do.

Would you ever buy a house without also buying homeowner’s insurance? Of course not. Many won’t even buy a new smartphone without also buying phone insurance. Yet, people invest their life savings with no protection of any kind. Can you afford to ride out another 2008? Do you want to ride out another 2008?

Serious investors utilize what’s known as protective puts. Protective puts are commonly defined as a type of portfolio insurance. If the value of your stock goes down, then the value of your protective puts will move higher. It is a relatively easy idea to understand. Protective puts are readily available in the equity options market. Strangely, they are rarely used in what I would term as retail accounts.

This gets even better! There is a methodology in which you can purchase protective puts at no cost to you. It’s known in the industry as a cashless collar. Here’s how it works. Sell a covered call. The income generated from the covered call is then used to purchase the protective put. This is like purchasing homeowners insurance and receiving a 100% rebate on the premiums! We take advantage of this strategy all the time. It has worked great for us. It is a wonderful feeling to know you have portfolio protection when the stock market is falling.

Read more about our cutting edge investment strategy.

Mission Statement

To provide the superior, cutting edge, investment management and financial planning services that we would want as a client.

The Inspire Capital business model was specifically designed to foster an environment with the freedom and flexibility necessary for innovation. Good enough is never good enough. We are always striving to be better. This is a great benefit to our clients, and for us… It’s much more fun to be Inspired.

Michael McKee

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Collared Income

Most investors wish to earn above average investment returns.

Most investors take on way too much risk.

Most investors face the very real possibility of catastrophic losses.

The Solution:

Inspire Capital’s “Collared Income” strategy. We have designed an investment strategy to greatly limit risk in any market environment while maintaining the potential for consistent, above average returns. We actively manage this strategy for select clients. read more…

Concentrated Equity

An employee stock option program can be a great thing,

if your highly concentrated stock portfolio does well.

If not… You face the very real possibility of catastrophic losses.

The Solution:

Inspire Capital’s “Collar” strategy. We have designed a tax advantaged, investment strategy to greatly limit the risk inherent in a concentrated equity portfolio. We actively manage this strategy for select clients. read more…

Portfolio Recovery

Investing is easy when your stocks are going higher.

What do you do when they have gone down?

Buy, Sell, or Hold?

The Solution:

Inspire Capital can help you recover stock market losses with our Portfolio Recovery strategy. We actively manage this strategy for a select group of investors. read more…

Investment Management for Serious Investors

Our clients are serious investors. Some are local to Central Florida. Some aren’t. But for all, their investment portfolio matters and is important.

  • They want to limit their risk exposure.
  • They want to earn above average returns every year regardless of the market's performance.
  • They desire something more than the typical, "fast food", retail investment offering.

They are Inspired.

The strength of Inspire Capital comes from continuous innovation and freedom to advance our investment management services. We have created proprietary, cutting edge, investment strategies that drastically alter the traditional risk vs. reward paradigm in our clients' favor.

Contact us and we'll be happy to set up a no cost, meeting to discuss your investment goals.

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Inspire Charitable Foundation

The Inspire Charitable Foundation, 501c-3 was originally created in 2003. It was designed to provide support for worthy, charitable organizations through the coordination and sponsorship of fundraising events. The basic idea was to help plan and execute fundraising events while providing the funds to cover the costs. This creates a multiplier effect for our charitable investment. We support a number of different causes through our efforts. For more information, contact Inspire Capital.

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